Recallers | Susan Garrett: Dog Trainer, Agility Champion, Owner of Say Yes Dog Training


Recallers is a proven road map to SUCCESS! Spend your valuable training time learning methodologies that are congruent with the trainer you want to be.  There are 40 fun Games within 8 Modules, building great foundations and layers of understanding for your dog, and you!

Recallers has always had a wonderful community of like-minded dog owners, and Recallers Dogs are recognizable by the games they play and the joy they express. Recallers has always represented different things to different people and that shows so clearly in these great videos – click here to see how Recallers changed these students’ lives!

With a fun and joyful training technique in Recallers, your dog will not only have “brilliant” recalls, but he’ll learn to always choose YOU because when he chooses you, he receives great rewards! The members-only, online dog training course designed to teach you to train your dog to make good choices by playing games only 5 minutes a day.

To learn more about Recallers, visit Once you sign up for notifications, you will be receive an email when the course reopens! Current members, go to to login to your account!

Ruby’s Recallers Story – Don’t Stop Me Now – is just one of thousands of great stories from our Recallers community!

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