Handling360 | Susan Garrett: Dog Trainer, Agility Champion, Owner of Say Yes Dog Training


The number one most important asset that leads to our agility success is … confidence. Agility instruction should grow that confidence in both you and your dog. Handling360’s unique approach creates an accelerated program of learning that protects your confidence every step of the way.

Our students range from teenagers to grandparents, from the athletically gifted to the physically challenged, and from the never- trained-an-agility-dog-before to the national champion. Every level of agility enthusiasts yet the same transformational experience! Click here to see what our students have shared about Handling360!

Your “Lessons” are actually “games” that build confidence in you and your dog as they build understanding. You will WANT to practice! Progress can only happen when you continue to revisit the learning… when your lessons are games, you will continue to revisit!

If you have already jumped on the AWESOME opportunity to join us here is the link to log in http://www.handling360.com/members.

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