Agility Nation | Susan Garrett: Dog Trainer, Agility Champion, Owner of Say Yes Dog Training

Agility Nation

Agility Nation NotificationsAgility Nation is our unique dog agility membership site. Every Monday we bring you something new related to the DOG TRAINING of agility! This is a membership subscription to a “dog agility training library” and supportive community of like-minded dog lovers. You select whatever YOU want to learn!

In Agility Nation ALL handling systems are welcome… we help you fill in the gaps between great agility skills, body awareness, dog training, clear handling and brilliant execution on course.

As the great Bob Bailey says: “When training is right, it’s easy”. Come see how easy solving challenges and growing behaviours CAN be.

Agility Nation features strategic games created by Susan Garrett, a multi time World Champion of Dog Agility, known best for her innovative dog training. The creator of 2×2 weaves, Crate Games, effective running contacts and much, much more! Agility Nation membership opportunities will be available regularly over the year. Jump on to our notification list to be the first to know when Agility Nation is open for you and your agility partner.

If you want to see incredible differences in your dog’s agility skills and really take your training to the next level, then you’re going to LOVE Agility Nation. Monday will be the BEST day of the week!

If you are already enjoying all the advantages of Agility Nation membership, visit to login.


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