Susan Garrett: Dog Trainer, Agility Champion, Owner of Say Yes Dog Training | Susan Garrett teaches the world how to find joy in their dog training through her DVDs, online courses, and workshops

Meet Susan Garrett


Susan Garrett’s entire dog training foundation is built on one philosophy:  You can achieve great and effective training by simply playing with your dog.  It is her mission to teach the world that training can be fun, for both people and animals!  Dog training shouldn’t be a chore.  It should be a time that you enjoy with your dogs; and time that they enjoy spending with you!

It is this philosophy that Susan Garrett practices with her own dogs at home, and it is this philosophy that has helped her win 2 World Championships, 15 US Championships, and 10 Canadian Championships in the sport of dog agility.  Susan’s success in the agility ring can be attributed to the special bond she shares with her dogs.  She understands their needs, she analyzes the reasons behind their actions, and then she caters her training to support those observations.  She determines what the dog values, and then she uses games to show the dog that he can get exactly what he loves most, just by playing with YOU and making the right choices!

Susan shares her life with fellow dog enthusiast, John Blenkey, and their four dogs; Encore, Feature, Swagger and Momentum. Together John and Susan own and operate Say Yes Dog Training Inc., located in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. Click here to learn more about Susan.

Susan Garrett teaches her training methods through online courses such as Recallers, Agility Nation, and Handling360.  Click the titles of the courses in the top menu to learn more.

Give this Easy Game a Try: ItsYerChoice

All of Susan’s dog training is based on two key principles: VALUE and CHOICE. Use this easy game to prove to yourself how FUN dog training with play and mutual respect can be.

1)  Find something of great value to your dog (a few pieces of cheese, his favourite treat) and create an environment that will eventually encourage him to make the right choice (which is what you want) before you give him his reward (which is what he wants).

2)  Get comfortable.  Close your hand around the “treat” and hold it out so your dog can sniff your hand, lick your hand, nibble at your hand but NOT get the treat. Settle in to wait until your dog offers the behaviour that you want from him. A sit, a down, or standing without touching your hand. A settled patient dog waiting for the prize within your hand. When he does this open your hand. The open hand is your dog’s first exposure to the reward. What is his choice? To wait for you to deliver or to pounce and try and get your treat?  It’s his choice!

3)  Wait until he stops TRYING to get to the treat, and then you can give him a piece of it. Lesson One is a very zen-like lesson for your dog: In order to get what you wan’t you must first do what I want!

Click here to learn more about our ItsYerChoice game.

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