Puppy Peaks

Puppy Peaks will help you learn how to inject a shot of “joy” into your training with a dog of any age! Puppy Peaks is interactive; members watch Susan Garrett train via the library of 400 plus videos (and that number is growing!).

These clips show you how a world champion dog trainer trained her puppy, Swagger, to be an amazing family pet and agility superstar. What better way to overcome your dog training challenges … than to watch a top trainer overcome hers? Susan is now sharing her new family member, Momentum, with the PuppyPeaks community, plus there are peeks of Lynda Orton-Hill’s puppy, Dare, growing up!

With Puppy Peaks, you’ll get to be a “fly on the wall,” observing Susan as she shapes her puppies as they grow up, using positive reinforcement and the Say Yes philosophy. Puppy Peaks will help you learn how to instil the same principles of positive reinforcement in your own training methods!

To learn when you can join in to watch Susan’s adventures with Swagger and Momentum, simply register for notification and you will receive an email when Puppy Peaks is open! Current members, go to www.puppypeaks.com/login to login to your account!

Susan and Swagger
Susan and Momentum

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